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In addition to conventional Prescriptions by the attending physician, it is also common in the United States, doctors, laboratories and pharmacies communicate directly. If the doctor orders a laboratory examination for diagnosis, the laboratory of the pharmacy can give direct instructions, and the Affected person need not audition again to the doctor. An advice to non-prescription medicines does not take place mostly in the large pharmacy chains. Some drugstores try recently with success, by paramedical staff this advice gap through a fee-based advice - mostly nurses - to close.

In Germany, medication may be sold by mail order only since of 2004. Since August 2012 also applies to foreign mail-order pharmacies, a discount ban on prescription drugs Thus the competition from abroad must comply with the German prices, previously there were up to 15 Euro discount per package possible. The Disq-authors describe the German online pharmacy market as confusing and contested, the orientation for consumers is difficult.

Through the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry late 19th and early 20th century begins a transformation of the German pharmacy. Instead of drugs produce themselves, the pharmacy concerns increasingly to examine the quality and identity of medicines and advice about drugs. Even before the pharmacy makes the digital transformation does not stop. Customers benefit from the additional supply.

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Since mail order pharmacies not only attract Internet-savvy users, but also the elderly, the clear and uncomplicated design of the website is particularly important to make the purchasing process comfortable and smooth. The website of an online pharmacy should additionally be clear especially, so that anyone can quickly and easily click on their desired products. The net winning editorial team has therefore in the "usability tested the design of each web page and looked at whether the dealer also provide all the desirable features.

With simultaneous use of some drugs for treating depression (trazodone, paroxetine, sertraline) in some cases undesirable effects (such as z. B. nausea, vomiting, anxiety, restlessness, confusion) may increasingly occur. Editor's note: The first order from DocMorris is for new customers always free shipping! We would be pleased if you contact us or visit us in person in your Primus pharmacy.

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On behalf of n-tv, the German Institute for Service Quality, tested a total of 21 on-line pharmacies from March to May, 2013. Analyzes were content and security of the website and ten user testing, including telephone and email advice. We compared the drug prices and shipping costs. About the retrievable in the app function "Helpdesk is available in over 200 counselors contributed important health information from your local pharmacy. in your immediate family (parents, brother, sister) had heart disease before age 60.

It is quite simply that the potency decreases from about the end of the 30th Not for everyone, but many. This is medically also known - only it gets almost always swept under the rug! Man must indeed work! This is expected! All nonsense! Aged blank to many functions of the body, to see, hear, smell and taste, and the function to erect the penis. Who his senses - trained and muscles may postpone the date for the reduction in functionality. From the sixty five. Age but must count every man with a marked decrease in potency. For premature weakness lifestyle plays a major role. Alcoholics, but especially smoking, beer drinker and scavenger eaters, so the so-called "strong men are much more likely weak, eat healthy as athletes.

One of the primary goals of modern medicine - improving the quality of life of patients who are part of harmonious sex relationships. Erectile dysfunction leads to noticeable degradation of life as men and women 1. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction in the United States makes in age from 20 to 29 years - 7.2%, from 30 to 39 years - 18.9%, from 40 to forty nine years - 37.3%, from 50 to 59 years-fifty three 8%. So simple degree of disorder of erection met in 16.2% of cases, mean - in 22.5%, seriously - in 8.7% 2, the research was on the in known Massachusetts on investigating the 1998 results corresponding to aging the human.

Wait and see if the impotence does not disappear by itself, but is not good advice. Because erectile dysfunction is a problem that is not confined to one area. Keeps them, there is a domino effect: personality, self-esteem, quality of life and especially the partnership suffer often massive. But there are many ways to bring the power back into the swing and therefore to fix the life crisis. Virtually no man must suffer from impotence today more, for most there is the individually tailored help.

A general physical examination is one of them, if the cause of erectile dysfunction is to be found. Specific actions include the inflow of blood and Blutabstrom according to the penis and the expansion capacity of the corpora cavernosa. With a fine needle ( "needle mosquito bite) is injected in the penis a drug into the corpora cavernosa. Then can be assessed and measured painlessly by a Doppler blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction medications

Be lenient with them - it is quite normal that "it does not always work." Especially when alcohol is in the game, you are plagued by stress, the first time with a new partner / new Companion or trying out new varieties this can happen. Do not put yourself under pressure, that is not necessary! Should you observe a longer period of erection problems, a visit to the doctor is advisable, because impotence is curable. Man (n) does not have to put up with it!

The next step is to clarify the causes of erectile dysfunction are based. It starts with an examination of the penis and testicles. In addition, all men should also focus manually via the gut blank (digital rectal examination). Thus one can detect prostate enlargement, which can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Here the abdominal fat plays a very big role. In adipose tissue, an enzyme for conversion of the hormone testosterone is responsible in the female estrogen. So if due to lack of exercise and / or an unhealthy lifestyle has an increased waist circumference, thus undermining not only his health in general but also his sexuality.

In general, it helps to develop a healthy way of dealing with stress, since then also less likely physical consequences of a low stress resistance will occur and it would rarely come to erectile dysfunction. Even some PDE5 inhibitor have a long-term effect and can in long-standing disease have preventive effects.

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